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20fourteen-   004614

Gina lives in Tasmania, Australia maintaining a studio and open gallery on the Port where she holds regular exhibitions & workshops.

Art, for her, is a way of life and she ‘works’ every day as a multi-disciplinary artist in collage, painting, book arts, printmaking, assemblage, photography & poetry. She has won various awards, has had 9 solo exhibitions & been in over 20 group and invitational exhibitions in Tasmania, Australia, USA and New Zealand.  Her award winning photography and poetry is published widely including Australia, Croatia, USA & UK.

Creating mostly below the threshold of consciousness Gina works intuitively, viscerally, responding to chance expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings & experiences in layers of texture & colour.  She will use anything; materials that are found, collected, sourced, modern & vintage.

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Inspiration comes from the landscape, the life model, colour, a sense of place and of being as well as from her own photos of textures, line, pattern and colour. Gina’s textile works include slow stitching and shibori techniques that is often extrapolated onto paper as well as cotton, linen and silk.  She is currently working with weathered papers she has prepared, teabags, books, daily collage, assemblage and pastel paintings.

please see the ‘Gallery‘ for all artworks or click on individual links the works are divided into;  or click on portside gallery to locate the gallery or contact me; the Red Thread

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